Training Grounds (Tactical Shooter map)

Training Grounds is a military training outpost located in the middle of a desert. The outpost is designed to simulate combat conditions in a desert environment, and features a variety of terrain types and obstacles that provide cover and concealment for players. The outpost is divided into several main areas: the Barracks, the Firing Range, the Training Grounds, and the Watchtower.


The Barracks is where the soldiers would have slept and stored their equipment when the outpost was in operation. It features a series of connected rooms and hallways that provide close-quarters combat opportunities. The rooms are filled with beds, lockers, and other objects that can be used for cover or destroyed to create new paths or lines of sight.

Firing Range:

The Firing Range is where soldiers would have practiced their marksmanship skills. It consists of a long, straight shooting range with multiple lanes, as well as several side areas with obstacles and targets that can be used for cover and concealment.

Training Grounds:

The Training Grounds is where soldiers would have honed their combat skills in a variety of simulated environments. It features a variety of terrain types, including rocky outcroppings, sand dunes, and low hills. The Training Grounds also includes several buildings and structures that can be used for cover and concealment.


The Watchtower is a tall, elevated structure that provides a commanding view of the entire outpost. It can be accessed via a series of ladders or stairs, and provides an ideal location for snipers or long-range weapons.

Other Features:

Training Grounds also includes a variety of other features that add to the gameplay experience, such as:

  • Both Day and Night version.
  • Sandstorms: The desert environment is prone to sudden sandstorms that can reduce visibility and create chaos on the battlefield.
  • Minefields: Some areas of the map are littered with mines that can damage or even kill players who step on them. Players must be careful to avoid these areas or use them to their advantage.
  • Vehicles: The outpost includes several military vehicles that can be used for transportation or cover. Players can also use them to run over opponents!

Overall, the Training Grounds map provides a challenging and exciting gameplay experience that simulates combat conditions in a desert environment. Whether players prefer close-quarters combat or long-range sniping.

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