Terrorism (Tactical Shooter map)

Terrorism is an African warzone city and is a chaotic and dangerous map that features the ruins of a city devastated by war. The city is located in the heart of Africa and is the site of intense fighting between opposing forces. The map is divided into several main areas: the Streets, the Buildings, and the Rooftops.


The Streets are the main area of combat on the map, and are characterized by narrow alleys and open squares. They are lined with the ruins of buildings, burned-out cars, and other debris that provides cover and concealment for players. The Streets are also the site of frequent ambushes and surprise attacks, as players must be constantly on the lookout for enemy snipers and RPGs.


The Buildings are a series of ruined structures that are scattered throughout the city. They range from small shacks to large apartment buildings, and can be accessed through broken windows, open doors, and other entrances. The Buildings provide opportunities for players to gain high ground and a strategic advantage over their opponents. However, they are also dangerous, as enemy players can easily ambush and trap players inside.


The Rooftops are a series of flat rooftops that provide an ideal sniping position for players. They are accessed through ladders or stairs and provide a clear line of sight over the entire map. However, players on the Rooftops are exposed to enemy fire from all directions and must be constantly on the move to avoid being targeted.

Other Features:

The map also includes a variety of other features that add to the gameplay experience, such as:

  • Broken Infrastructure: The map features broken infrastructure, such as collapsed bridges and destroyed water towers, that can be used for cover and concealment.
  • Vehicles: The map includes a variety of vehicles, such as trucks and tanks, that can be used for transportation or as weapons.
  • Street Vendors: The map features street vendors that can be used as cover and provide an authentic African city atmosphere.

Overall, the Terrorism map provides a fast-paced and exciting gameplay experience that is ideal for players who prefer a challenging and dangerous combat environment. Whether players prefer close-quarters combat or long-range sniping, Terrorism has something for everyone!